Education Program

Critical Fishing Educational Program:

While other programs throughout the industry are on hold or have been canceled, we are rolling our program out and we are excited to offer the opportunity to the future generations of fishermen.

Products obtained through this program are for club/team members’ use only and shall not be sold by any means, violation will result in removal from the program. 

Also, the special discounts are confidential to the participants of this program and are not to be shared outside of your organization. 

Critical Fishing is a proud supporter of high school and collegiate fishing programs. The information that follows describes our official program that has been designed to help school-sanctioned clubs/teams. 

Fishing Club/Team Eligibility:

Any college fishing club/team that is recognized by the school’s administration and has a designated advisor, coach or adult supervisor is eligible to register for participation in the Critical Fishing High School/College Fishing Program. A club/team must consist of at least six individuals to qualify for this program. To enroll, please complete and submit the registration form below. Upon approval, a Team identification number will be assigned to your club/team.  Your group will retain “active” status as long as club/team rosters are updated and maintained.  Updated rosters must be supplied at the start of each fall semester. Student Angler Eligibility To be an eligible member of a college/university fishing club, a student must be enrolled in at least nine credit hours per semester of the stated educational institution. 

Fill out Application below: